Earlobe  $25


Helix  $25


Tragus  $25


Anti Tragus  $25


Rook  $25


Daith  $40


Conch  $25


Snug  $25


Forward Helix $25


Industrial  $50


Navel  $25


Nipple  $35


Surface  $60


Dermals  $80*


Genitals  $130*

*Includes standard implant grade titanium.

14kt gold and white gold is extra.



Eyebrow  $35


Anti eyebrow  $35


Bridge  $35


Nostril  $25


Septum  $35


Labret  $35


Vertical labret  $35


Lip  $35


Medusa  $35


Monroe $35


Cheeks  $60


Dahlias  $60


Smiley  $25


Tongue  $35


Venoms  $60

Cost includes piercing service and a bottle of aftercare.


Jewellery is additional. There are so many beautiful jewellery options to choose from and the price can vary. At Asgard's we use only the best quality jewellery for your initial piercing and it comes with a lifetime guarantee! Prices vary and we can discuss options during your appointment.


Read more about jewellery options


One piercing not enough? Any additional piercing at the same sitting is $10 less.


Additional dermal $35 - includes standard implant grade titanium.





PLEASE NOTE: Asgards does not pierce any one under the age of 6. Only earlobe piercings are offered to under 13yrs.

Children aged 13-15yrs may get select "standard" piercings subject to my discretion with a parent/guardian present.

Parents - please don't make a booking without contacting us first.


• 8 -15 require parent or guardian to be present to complete paperwork. Medicare and Drivers License will be required.

• 16+ require photo I.D. If no proof of ID is shown, parent or guardian may be present to complete paperwork.

• Genital, Nipple & Dermal 18+ only.


Asgards CANNOT and WILL NOT pierce anyone without some form of photo ID (Drivers License, Passport)